Adrian Crawford is a skilled entrepreneur with a passion for people, and more specifically, helping individuals find purpose in the Earth. Adrian weaves his experiences as a father, athlete, entrepreneur and pastor to evoke new ideas and perspectives. He inspires, builds and leads community focused initiatives designed to facilitate restoration and reconciliation.

As a Catalyst, Adrian is driven by his passion for what he calls “The Secondary Class” of people who are often unnoticed, under-appreciated and overlooked. This “Second Class” is made up of people, who find themselves in the “murk” and “mire” of life and are unaware of their purpose and have not tapped into their full potential. Guided by the fundamental belief that we are all given a purpose in life, Adrian inspires purpose across people, spaces, places and time in a way that shifts the very constructs of latent and complacent systems.

Throughout his career, he has undertaken numerous startups. In 2007, he founded Gamespeed Basketball, a high-level skill development company based out Tallahassee, Florida. He also founded Gamespeed Nation, a non-profit that provided world-class basketball training academy for the youth in low income and underdeveloped areas. He is the founder and Pastor of Engage Church, a 6 year-old church, which is in the top 10% of growing churches in the nation. He is also the CEO of his latest startup, The New Rules Project, a training and development institute. Adrian masterfully combines personality testing, emotional awareness, navigation skills and unconventional wisdom into a 90 day process designed to unlock individuals’ potential to create a “Life Blueprint.”

As a  Connector, Adrian uses his creativity fueled by his passion for people and the community that he serves, to connect people in meaningful ways that result in impact and resolve across the various business, within the diverse cultural landscape of his city (Tallahassee, FL) and abroad.