In the summer of 2013, one of my favorite artists, Jay Z, launched his new album Magna Carta... Holy Grail. This was a complete shock to the world because he had kept the entire project a secret. It wasn't until the NBA Finals when he unveiled his project by airing a commercial with some of the greatest music producers of our time. During the course of the commercial, Jay Z explains the state of the music industry and then utters eight words that completely captured me: "We must be willing to write New Rules."  When those words were exhaled, I had what we like to say in the church world as, a "God moment". Everything around me fell silent, while those eight words continued to sound off in my mind. A "God moment," is typically described as a moment where you feel like your Creator is speaking something directly to you; with those eight words, I knew without a doubt that God was clearly saying something directly to me.

In that moment, I realized my life's work was going to be given to becoming a catalyst within my family, at the business I own, with the church I pastor, in the lives of the individuals around me, and around the world - I am a catalyst launching individuals to to write New Rules. I will inspire, equip, and help people create opportunities that motivates them into the meaningful work God has created them for.


We recognize that individuals have been endowed, by our Creator, with unique talents, abilities, and purpose. This can only be fully discovered by truly knowing the One who created us.

We will not define our success by job title, salary, material position, or by anything other than using our gifts to do meaningful work on this earth. Whether we are called to be firefighters, sanitation workers, CEOs, or a stay at home moms, it doesn’t matter. What matters is adding production and value in whatever we do, wherever we are.

Our work will not to be solely about us. Our primary aim is not for personal achievement, but for the betterment of people, communities and companies. We will be centered around adding value to the places and spaces we inhabit.

We will jump off cliffs. Being safe is for cowards! We must be more afraid of not trying than afraid of failing.

We will position integrity to lead all of our endeavors. We may be tempted to take short cuts, quit when it gets tough and allow pressures of life to compromise our values - New Rule makers are value driven.

We will be misfits, revolutionaries and rebels. We will not allow the status quo or complacency to define us. We will be the ones who create a new way, even when they say it can’t be done.