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In order to write new rules, you've got to be productive. But what does it mean to be productive? How do we know if we, or the people who work for us, are truly productive or not? In this episode, we discuss 3 things that it takes to be productive: Ability, Credibility, and Sustainability. This, our thoughts on the McGregor/Mayweather fight, and more on this episode of the New Rules Podcast.


"As a leader, your job is to help others maximize their ability." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"We live in a time and age where everyone wants responsibility without producing anything." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"Empowering is not just giving away something without helping. You want to help someone win." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


Podcast: Craig Groeschel


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