Necessity of Institution

What is happening to institutions today? It seems that we're fighting to tear down institutions wherever we go. Institutions are any established law, practice, or custom. In America, we've got a lot of those. How do we write new rules where government, education, and patriotism have been the norm for so long? This, Adrian's beef with HBCUs, and more on this week's episode of the New Rules Podcast.

"HBCUs have a place in the future but they must pivot and become diverse in students, faculty, and thought." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!

"Institutions should be challenged but they're needed for the flourishing of society." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!

"In order to write new rules, you've got to create institutions." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


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