Why Your Authenticity is Overrated

This week, we discuss how overrated it is for you to be your authentic self. This seems to be the new buzzword these days, and yet it seems to just mean this is your excuse to say and do whatever you want. But leaders SHOULD be authentic, so how do we balance between being authentic and being selfish? This, our thoughts on Lebron James, and more on this week's episode of the New Rules Podcast.

"Using 'authentic leader' as an excuse will lead to you hurting others." @billy_humphrey #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"The key is learning to be your authentic self even when you've got boundaries." - @ech_o #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"Your feelings don't define authenticity. Your feelings can point to a truth, passion, or desire that's inside of you that's been suppressed by fears." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"Being who you weren't meant and created to be has nothing to do with how you feel." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"If the authentic side of who you are is still driven by selfish desires, that is not an authentic creation of who you're supposed to be. Your authentic self is about other people. It's adding value to your family, work, community, politics." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


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