New Rules Podcast x Church in the Wild COLAB

This week we're bringing you a collaboration with the New Rules Podcast and Church in the Wild Podcast! Seth Trimmer, host of Church in the Wild, wants to help people be the Church where it's not easy to be the church. Similar to writing New Rules, we're discussing new ways to create disciples, living life when you feel like you're outside the box, and how much Seth would accept to give up his dog? This, our opinion on the Super Bowl, and more on this week's episode of the New Rules Podcast.

"We've turned discipleship into the industrial age model. But in the 21st century, we can mass produce disciples like Ford's Model T. We've got to think different about it." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"I'm thankful that Jesus died for me and gave me life. But I'm also thankful that he gave me something to do on this earth. Christianity is more than just attending church and tithing." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"Most people want to play business or entrepreneur. Most people like the idea, but they don't want to fall in love with it." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


Podcast: Church in the Wild

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