Ye vs. the People

We all saw it. Kanye West rockin' the MAGA hat. To top that, he dropped "Ye vs. the People" with T.I. discussing how he's trying to present new ideas. But at what cost? Has Kanye gone too far? To discuss, we brought on our friend, Pastor Seth Trimmer, to talk about the current cultural tension. This, some new albums we've been enjoying, and more on this week's episode of the New Rules Podcast.

"We all say we want to progress and move forward, but this can never happen without struggle. We have lost the ability to have dialogue and how to disagree with one another." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"We've become so lazy that we aren't willing to have real conversation. Sure, Kanye didn't deliver it the best. But he's having conversations that we need to have." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


"We need to learn how to build emotional resilience in our country. Resilience allows you to fight through your emotions even if you don't agree with someone." - @adriancrawford #newrulespodcast TWEET THIS!


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