Writing New Rules: Church Growth with Dave Gibbons

On this episode of the New Rules Podcast, Adrian and Billy talk with Dave Gibbons, Pastor of NewSong Church in Santa Ana, California. Dave Gibbons was the man that made it all come together for Adrian at a conference 10 years ago. After talking with Dave, Adrian realizes that he’s not the only one crazy enough to chase after what God has called him to do, even if it means being the first to do so. This and more on this week’s episode of the New Rules Podcast.

"But it's seeming, a majority of a lot of stuff we see in church is about let's get these people so then they can ultimately serve within the context of what we're building and not the church serving what God has building inside the people." -@adriancrawford #NewRulesPodcast TWEET THIS


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Small Cloud Rising by Dave Gibbons


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