Organizational Integrity

On this episode of the New Rules Podcast, we've got a long time friend of the podcast, Pastor Clayton Bell. Clayton planted and pastors Trinity New Life in Trinity, FL and has begun to add clarity and focus when it comes to organizational integrity. To grow in integrity in your business, job, church, or company, Clayton has learned that integrity starts before we ever clock in or show up to our job on Monday morning. Yet without some sort of integrity, the odds are stacked against us.

"The church is in the character and integrity business." - Clayton Bell Tweet this!

"Be able to hold what you do when no one else is around to the light" - Clayton Bell Tweet this!

"There is no bigger frustration and destroyer of organizations than assumptions." - Clayton Bell Tweet this!

"It's amazing how many things we complain about that are in our lives that we put there." - Clayton Bell Tweet this!

Trauma does not have to be traumatic." - Dr. Greg Mitchell Tweet this!


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