Pastor Russ Austin

On this episode of New Rules, we meet with mentor, leader, father, husband, and friend, Pastor Russ Austin. One of the things we love about Pastor Russ is that many can talk about it, few have lived it. Pastor Russ doesn't just speak from someone else's story, he's experienced it himself. Regardless if you're in a faith community or not, Pastor Russ has been in ministry for almost 40 years, a job with a very high turnover rate. How do you stay in the game for so long? How do you have success no only in ministry, but in your family as well? This and more on this episode of New Rules.

Pastor Russ is part of the Every Nation movement and pastor's Southpoint Community Church, a thriving church in Jacksonville, FL. To learn more about Pastor Russ and Southpoint Community Church, you can visit their website at

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