Creating momentum in spaces and places that I inhabit. 

As a Catalyst, Adrian is driven by his passion for what he calls “The Secondary Class” of people that often go unnoticed, appreciated or seen. The “Second Class” is made up of people that by God's divine design are full of purpose, but for whatever reason, find themselves in the “murk” and “mire” of life and not tapping into their full potential, or in better context: Purpose. Guided by the fundamental belief that we are all given a purpose in life, Adrian inspires purpose across people, spaces, places and time in a way that shifts the very constructs of systems that have gone latent in complacency.


EST. 2020

New Rules Basketball Academy (NRBA) is a skill development division of New Rules Collective located in Tallahassee, Florida.  We provide the opportunity for players and coaches to see their athletic dreams become reality.  We set the standard for skills training in the Southeast with a superior training program, a staff of experienced coaches, and a commitment to developing the authentic athlete.


EST. 2019

New Rules Collective is a human purpose development company that exists to empower humanity. We do this by creating, developing, or investing into individuals, companies, or non-profits who are writing new rules. We refer to these as nano-organizations.


EST. 2007

Engage Church is a Non-Profit. We exist to connect people to God, one another, and their meaningful work on the Earth. Our goal is to launch Innovative Reconcilers, people who are equipped to embody the purpose of Engage.


EST. 2020

Common Ground is a three-pronged approach to helping people discover, develop, and deploy positive, measurable impact, and change in the space of inclusion, diversity, and equality.


Addressing what we have found to be the three primary areas of personal development that require intentional, and deliberate work to tackle this challenge is the foundation of Common Ground. 


EST. 2018

New Rules Project helps individuals understand purpose. Through guidance and training, participants will discover their own unique skill set and its intended application.


EST. 2007

Gamespeed basketball is a high-level skill development company based out of Tallahassee, Florida of which exists to provide fundamentally sound players with convenience, flexibility, and affordable training. Gamespeed basketball was sold in 2018.


EST. 2020

Equal Shot is a nonprofit (501-C3) branch of New Rules Collective. Equal Shot is an elite basketball program serving under-resourced youth of all ages. Through short-term and long-term commitment options, students will emerge from the program as notable leaders and creative problem solvers. 


EST. 2018

NRC is a church-style conference for inspiring people to write new rules in their own lives through inspirational and practical speakers and panels.