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Mask Off. 

Unlocking authenticity in an age of imposters.

Authenticity - it’s the buzz word of our times. We’re all on a journey to present our most authentic selves to the world. To discover who we really are. So why, after months, even years of effort and practice do you look just like everyone else around you?


Except now you’re also frustrated, disillusioned and unsatisfied. Maybe, it’s because you’re using the wrong formula, maybe you’re playing by the wrong set of rules.


In Mask Off, the first in the New Rules series, we’re going to take it back all the way to the beginning and talk about your Original Design. We’ll give you the tools to identify the guideposts that lead you to genuine authenticity which involves more than just looking “deep within”. You need to become self aware, and be resilient enough to remain that way. You need to operate in the healthy expression of your character, feelings, motives and desires.


Mask Off, is your first step in doing so. It’s time to uncover healthy motives, slay the monsters that keep you masked, trapped, disillusioned and disconnected from reality.


Along the way, as you grow in authenticity, you’ll find healthy motives will flourish, and you’ll become fully alive in the unique gifting and purpose you were originally designed for.

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